Perineal Cold Pack FAQs

What is a perineal cold pack?

Its a maternity pad with a self activating cooling pod inside the pad. It is designed to cool the perineal area after childbirth.

Who is a perineal cold pack for?

Everyone who has given birth! Most of us will get some sort of tearing following a vaginal delivery along with swelling and bruising. The cold packs will help relieve the symptoms (burning, stinging, bruising) whilst being comfortable to wear.

Can also be used by anyone else who may be suffering from haemorrhoids, perineal or rectal surgery etc.

How long does the cooling effect last?

A minimum of 30 minutes, although 40+ minutes is more realistic.

I find the pad too cold for me.

You could place a regular sanitary / maternity towel on top of the pad to reduce the cooling effect (and create extra absorbency).

Do I need to freeze the cold packs?

No! This is what sets these packs apart from the rest. They can be used absolutely anywhere!

How do I activate the cold pack?

Find the inner water bag and squeeze firmly until you hear a 'pop', shake to mix the contents and then place in your underwear just like a regular maternity pad.

How many come in a pack?

8, 12, 20 or 24. It depends where you buy them from - it's the shipping weight that makes us sell in different quantities on different channels. A standard box has 24 pads.

Is there discount available for buying in bulk?

Yes. The cost per unit decreases as the overall quanitity increases. This is reflected in the pre packed options. If you wish to purchase more than the advertised quantities, please contact us.

What if I don't end up having a vaginal birth?

We understand! You can return any unopened items to us for a full refund. You will need to pay the return postage but can claim this back if you paid through PayPal. Please just contact us for more information. We're friendly, promise!

Do you have a shop?

No. We sell online only. You can purchase from this website (best prices!) Amazon or eBay.

What delivery options are there?

Standard delivery offered by Royal Mail or Hermes. If you wish to receive next day delivery, please purchase from Amazon and use their one day service.

What does 'perineal' mean?

Your perineum is located between the vagina and anus, this is the perineal area. This area is usually traumatised during childbirth.

Can I see the MSDS?

Of course! Send an email to and we will send a copy to you.