18" Inflatable Ring Cushion


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Ideal for use during the latter stages of pregnancy to relive tailbone pain and for after the birth to take pressure off your perineal area, especially useful if you have torn or had stitches. Can also be used by anyone else who has haemorrhoids or generally finds sitting uncomfortable.

This ring cushion was sourced for its larger than standard size. It measures 45cm diameter when deflated, which is approximately 3" larger than a standard ring cushion 43cm at 1/2 inflation and 41cm at full inflation.

We recommend you try using the cushion at all different inflation levels, starting from 1/3 full - everyone is different and the different firmness will give you a completely different experience from the cushion.

This cushion can be fully inflated by mouth with just a few breaths. We decided not to provide a pump as it takes approximately 250 pumps to get to full inflation, no one has the time for that!

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