La Bassine Birth Pool Essential Kit


Delivery time: 2-5 day(s)


The World’s Best Selling Birthing Pool

Our Essential Kit includes:

  • La Bassine birthing pool
  • New! Heat-retaining pool cover
  • Electric pump to inflate and deflate your pool
  • Water pump to empty your pool easily
  • 15m eco hose
  • Square or round tap connector*
  • Pool repair kit
  • Debris Net
  • Protective Sheet
  • Nylon storage bag
  • FREE fast delivery!

* A tap connector is offered free with your kit. No refund will apply if the connector does not fit your tap. Please check the dimensions before ordering. Please let us know if you require a square or round tap adaptor.

Birth Pool Features

  • Cocoon like shape to maintain water temperature and provide an intimate space that still gives you with plenty of room to move around.
  • Deep blue colour to enhance the sense of privacy and induce deep relaxation.
  • Deep, inflated floor to give the extra comfort needed during active birth positions such as kneeling and squatting.
  • Perfect water depth that fully covers your belly yet is not so deep you feel insecure.
  • Two solid internal handles, exactly where you need them! Use to assist in position changes, or to grab on to while you push. Voted best feature by mothers and midwives.
  • Compact & Slimline
  • Anti-flooding mechanism – The built in vertical I-beams gives an incomparable firmness to the wall, while also acting as a failsafe mechanism in the event of an accidental puncture.
  • Eco-Friendly Vinyl – Highly durable vinyl that does not contain any phthalates, lead or cadmium so often used in plastic production.
  • Carbon Neutral – Made in Water Ltd has made a donation to the World Land Trust Carbon Balanced Fund to offset the carbon footprint incurred producing and shipping La Bassine.
  • Ethically manufactured – All our manufacturers are independently audited to ensure safe and fair employment practice.
  • Quality and Durability – Made with Super-Strong Vinyl (0.45mm thickness), each birth pool is factory tested to ensure that it has no defects.
  • Proven in the field – Tens of thousands of pools sold worldwide, including in Europe, US, Canada, Australia and more – By far the best selling and most popular birthing pool.


The use of a liner is not mandatory, although it is recommended, when using a brand new pool for the first time.

But it is vital for subsequent uses. No matter how diligently you clean the pool after use; there is still the risk of contamination. A new liner will eliminate that risk.

  • It also makes clean-up far easier, as the liner is disposable.
  • Our custom made liners fit generously over the top of the pool and down the outside.
  • Additionally, as the liner itself is 0.22mm thick it strengthens your pool even more.
  • There are pockets for your hands, built into each liner, which fit through each of the two inside handles.

When fitting the liner, first ensure that the pockets line up with the handles. Feed the pockets through the handles by pulling them so the opening is in line with the handles.

When you are in the pool, simply insert your hands into the pockets to hold the handles.


Due to the intended use of this product, we can not accept any returns once any of the items have been opened. If your product is faulty, we will exchange the item for a different unit. If you wish to receive a refund for this item you must not open any of the packaging as this stops the item from being resellable. If you have any questions about this policy, please contact us prior to ordering.

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