Large 650ml Peri Bottle


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Large Peri Bottle

Great for washing the perineal area following childbirth when you're too tender to use toilet paper.

We recommend using a peri bottle to gently pour warm water over your perineal area for the first few days when you use the toilet. This will help to dilute the urine and prevent the associated stinging.

Regularly washing the perineal area with warm water is very soothing, particularly if you've had an episiotomy or stitches. You will also help keep the area clean and reduce the risk of infection.

Easy to use, Long lasting, high quality bottle.

650ml for a long, soothing cleanse, with no need to refill during use. Without squeezing the bottle, a gentle flow will pour for at least 90 seconds, making this product super easy to use.

Wash bottle and nozzle regularly in soapy water no hotter than 70 degrees.

Cover the valve with your finger before turning upside down, and release to start the flow of water.

One of those items that you really don't want to buy, but will be SO glad that you did!

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