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We've done it!

We are super pleased to announce that our wonderful Perineal Cold Packs have won the GOLD award in the 'Hero Health Product for Mums' category at the Made for Mums Awards 2018 & 2019!

Our award winning Perineal Cold Packs are designed to promote healing and reduce the pain, swelling and bruising of the perineal area following childbirth.

Given out routinely by maternity hospitals in the USA, you can now purchase these wonderful creations for use in your own home, (or hospital) in the U.K.!

Easy to use, simply firmly squeeze the pad to rupture the inner chamber and shake to activate the cooling effect. Place in your underwear, just as you would with a regular maternity pad. The comfortable cooling sensation will last around 20 minutes. Please note, it is recommended that cooling therapy is used for only 20 minutes at a time.

Gentler and safer than ice packs, there is no risk of freezer burn.

Instant activation allows you to use wherever needed, pack some in your hospital bag - you do not require a freezer.

Especially welcome if you require stitches post birth. Did you know up to 90% of women suffer some degree of tearing during a vaginal delivery?

Also available in other quantities, and on Amazon Prime for next day delivery.

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