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Have you prepared for your Postpartum Recovery?

postpartum recovery

During our pregnancy, we spend lots of time learning about looking after the new baby, buying endless outfits and cute accessories. Many of us don’t spend anywhere near enough time learning how to look after ourselves, the new mum, during and after one of the biggest, and of course, best events of her life.

Postpartum recovery is far too often overlooked and really does need to be considered as a bigger event than it usually is [considered as]. Regardless whether you have a c-section or a natural birth, you will go through a postpartum period which takes time to recover from. One of the best investments you can make during your pregnancy is to take the time to learn about what happens after giving birth and plan your recovery, how you can make your recovery as easy and as comfortable as possible. Planning your recovery is partly an impossible task, as you won’t know what your delivery will be like, how your body will respond and recover or how you will feel mentally, although, as the saying goes, knowledge is power. Carefully consider which products you think will be helpful to you, of course, we would wholeheartedly suggest our own range as it has all been designed specifically with the new mum in mind, although it is human nature for us all to prefer some things over others.

As wonderful as our special products are, have you thought about who can help you in those early days and weeks after birth? Family members or close friends? Not all to come and ‘see the baby’ but to look after you, too. Could they bring you a cooked meal, leave you some delicious snacks, help with some light cleaning, take your older children to school or to the park for a few hours, even watch the baby whilst you have a proper hot shower or a nap? They’re all small gestures but will make a huge difference to you in those early days and weeks. Putting this into place whilst you’re pregnant is a great idea to allow you to focus on your newborn when they arrive.

Postpartum is generally considered from immediately after the birth to six to eight weeks afterwards, although for some people it can be shorter or much longer, we are all different and will recover at different rates, please do not compare yourself to others, it is not indicative of your recovery, they didn’t have the same delivery as you, nor are their bodies the same as yours. People love to share their stories and will definitely tell you about their labour and postpartum journey, all with good meaning, just politely listen and smile and thank them for sharing their experience with you.

Remember to speak to your health professionals, your midwife, health visitor, GP, breastfeeding specialist, amongst others, who are all available to help, if you are finding things more difficult than you think you should be. 

If you notice wounds weeping, fever, extreme pain at the wound site or any other unusual symptoms it is important to get checked out by a healthcare professional.

However daunting the thought of after birth recovery may be, you really don’t need to be scared, it’s better to be prepared so you can know you have taken positive action to make your journey easier and look forward to enjoying all those lovely newborn snuggles that you’ve waited so long for. Your babies are only newborn once and this is a really special time that you really deserve to enjoy whilst you get to know your new family addition(s!)

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