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Instant Perineal Cold Packs


Our award winning Instant Perineal Cold Packs are designed to promote healing and reduce the pain, swelling and bruising of the perineal area following childbirth.
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We have been helping women reduce their postpartum discomforts since 2016 with these wonderful Instant Perineal Cold Packs.

Easy to use, simply firmly squeeze the pad to rupture the inner chamber and shake to activate the cooling effect. Place in your underwear, just as you would with a regular maternity towel or pad. The comfortable cooling sensation will last around 20 minutes. Please note, it is recommended that cooling therapy is used for only 20 minutes at a time. They’re very absorbent (see video here) so don’t need to be used in conjunction with another product.

  • Gentler and safer than ice packs, there is no risk of freezer burn.
  • Instant activation allows you to use wherever needed, pack some in your maternity or hospital bag – you do not require a freezer.
  • Suitable for use straight after birth.
  • Drug free pain relief, does not interfere with breastfeeding or any other medication.
  • Especially welcome if you require stitches post birth. Did you know up to 90% of women suffer some degree of tearing during a vaginal delivery? Even a tiny graze will still be sore.

Also available in other quantities, and on Amazon for next day delivery.

What was said in the Made for Mums Awards 2020:

“Fantastic in those first days after birth”

Paediatrician Meena Hindmarch

Why it’s a winner: According to our testers, these pads fall into the category of products that will make your post-birth days easier, but which you might not think to buy for yourself. Judges found the pads are easy to use (you just squeeze them to rupture the inner chamber and shake to activate) and felt the cooling effect really set these apart from standard maternity pads. They’re not cheap, but we felt well worth the money to help relieve soreness after birth.

Tester Janet, mum of 4, says: “Instant relief with no effort required. Nothing extra needed. I think they’d also be great for the post-pregnancy piles too. Better than sitting on a rubber ring!”

Tips to get the most from your Instant Perineal Cold Packs:

  • They require a good amount of force to activate – it may be easier to fold the pack in half and squeeze tightly, until you hear/feel the ‘pop’. Don’t worry, you will not break it by pressing or squeezing too hard.
  • Shaking the cold pack after activating mixes the ingredients to activate the cooling effect – SHAKE WELL! The better the ingredients are mixed, the more effective your cold pack will be!
  • If you require even colder temperatures, spray / sprinkle a small amount of water onto the cold pack before shaking. Or use with a Witch Hazel Pad.
  • When wearing your Instant Perineal Cold Pack, adjust your position / rock forwards and backwards to remix the ingredients and make the cold pack feel colder.
  • We recommend adding a Witch Hazel Pad on top of your Instant Perineal Cold Pack for maximum post-birth soothing.
Instant Perineal Cold Pack with Witch Hazel Pads laying on top of the pad. These products work well together to provide maximum relief to the perineal area following childbirth.
Use your Instant Perineal Cold Packs alongside Witch Hazel Pads for ultimate perineal soothing.









Note: Instant Perineal Cold Packs are a Class IIa medical device and carry the CE mark. You should not use any instant cold packs that do not carry the CE mark.

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