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Reusable Breast Pads – Large

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Pack of 6 Reusable Breast Pads – Large size for enhanced coverage and increased absorbency. Made from OEKO certified organic bamboo cotton.

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Elevate your breastfeeding experience with our Reusable Breast Pads that offer superior coverage and absorbency.

With an impressive 18cm length, these reusable pads are perfect for women seeking extended coverage for overnight use or those with larger breasts. These pads won’t ‘get lost’ in your bra! The breast pads are made of bamboo cotton, ensuring exceptional absorbency.

Our cotton pads are conveniently machine-washable with the included wash bag.  With a commitment to sustainability, the OEKO certified, organic composition of these pads ensures a safe option for nursing mothers, providing a reliable solution throughout their breastfeeding journey.

  • Superior Absorbency: Made of organic cotton from bamboo, the First Days Maternity Reusable Breast Pads are super absorbent and offer exceptional protection against leaking milk.

Reusable Breast Pads for breastfeeding. Made from OEKO certified organic cotton. Large size for increased absorbency and protection or DD+ cup bra sizes.

  • 18cm Long Pads: A great addition to your breastfeeding or postpartum essentials, our pads are 18cm long. by 15cm wide to provide optimal protection and extra coverage for all nursing mothers, especially those with larger breasts or those seeking overnight protection. For reference, the typical pad size is just 13cm. 
  • Triple Layer Construction: Our breast pads boast a soft cotton layer on the inside for gentle comfort, an absorbent microfibre layer in the middle to lock in moisture, and an outer waterproof PUL layer for reliable protection against leaks.
  • Washable and Reusable Breast Pads: Designed for convenience and easy care, our reusable breast pads are machine-washable. With the included wash bag, simply toss the pads in the washing machine to keep them fresh and ready for reuse.
  • Essential Note for New Mums: Please note that while our cotton pads are highly effective for managing regular milk flow, we recommend using disposable breast pads during the initial stages when colostrum is present to prevent the pads from sticking. You can read more about the different types and stages of breast milk here.

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