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Sitz Bath


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Sitz Bath

A useful addition to any bathroom, the Collapsible Sitz Bath is a new take on an old classic.

Previously known as ‘hip bath’ or ‘bidet’ the Sitz Bath is a convenient piece of equipment for personal hygiene as well soothing ailments such as haemorrhoids or perineal discomfort following childbirth.

The collapsing feature is easy to use and allows for easy and more discreet storage.

Uses include:

Postpartum recovery – you will definitely be sore and tender following childbirth. Regular Sitz Baths can help relieve some of that discomfort whilst helping to reduce the risk of infection. Use plain warm water or a magic solution of your choice. You can do this several times a day from day one. Do not soak stitches for too long as this can cause them to dissolve too quickly. We recommend soaking for 2-3 minutes each time if you have stitches, speak to your midwife for advice if you are unsure.

Haemorrhoids – a 10-20 minute soak after each bowel movement can help haemorrhoids, particularly if you add Epsom salts (follow manufacturers’ instructions) you can do this up to three times a day.

Post surgery – when you’re unable to bathe fully following surgery, after a knee replacement for example.

General hygiene – an easy way for a quick freshen up, you will quickly get used to the clean feeling that toilet paper alone can’t achieve.

Children – great when children are potty training (and beyond) for a quick and easy wash.

Yoni Steam – seek professional advice before yoni steaming for instructions. Do not yoni steam if you are pregnant.



Push the base of the Sitz Bath firmly downwards until the base moves out. This will be quite stiff the first time, but will get easier with subsequent uses.

Place on toilet

Lift your existing toilet seat and place your Sitz Bath directly on the rim of the toilet bowl. There are rubber pads on the bottom of the Sitz Bath to prevent slipping.


When the Sitz Bath is securely in place, use a jug to fill with warm water or a magic solution of your choice.

Do not use water too hot to burn you.


Carefully remove the Sitz Bath from your toilet bowl and pour the water into the toilet through the holes at the back of the Sitz Bath.

Clean regularly with warm soapy water.


Sitz Bath is designed to fit the majority of western style toilets, however, please check the measurements carefully before ordering as you are unable to return this item once it has been opened. The width is 36.4cm and the length is 39.4cm. The height when folded is 5.5cm and 12cm when opened.

There is a hanging hook at the top and holes below the toilet level to prevent spillage and allow for easy emptying.

Usage Information


Do not soak stitches for long periods of time, this may cause the stitches to dissolve too quickly.

Yoni Steam

Please be extra careful if using your Sitz Bath to yoni steam. The vulva is much more sensitive than the hand and can burn easily.


It is important to follow all manufacturers’ instructions when adding salts / solution / oils to your Sitz Bath.


Never leave children unattended around any source of water.

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