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The Peri Bottle® and its many uses


The one item you really don’t want to buy but will be SO pleased you did!

The one that’s essential for your hospital bag! We have all heard about the dreaded ‘first wee’ and this clever little bottle can make all the difference. Jugs and regular bottles of water just can’t get to the right places and certainly don’t last long enough to provide any form of relief. Use each time you use the toilet for the first week or so after childbirth to dilute the urine and reduce the sting. Use regularly after this to keep clean and help to reduce the chance of infection. 

What is a Peri Bottle®?

Peri Bottle is short for perineal irrigation bottle – which means a bottle to cleanse the perineal area.

What is it for?

Designed to pour a continuous flow of water over the perineal area (or wherever else you are sore) whilst you go to the toilet to dilute the urine and therefore reduce the associated stinging following birth. When you no longer need to use it for this, use it regularly each day to keep clean and help reduce the chance of infection.

Why is it so big?

To benefit from the soothing properties of water, you need more than just a quick splash. Peri Bottle® has a 650ml capacity and will provide a continuous flow of water for up to 90 seconds, more than long enough for you to feel the relief and get a good clean.

What do I put in it?

Use plain warm water or a magic solution of your choice. Take note, your sore parts are much more temperature sensitive than your hands and will not appreciate being sprayed with freezing cold water!

What is the bottle made from?

ABS and EVA plastics are used. These are all brand-new, medical-grade materials and are made to last. This product is BPA-free.

How often can I use it?

As often as needed, every time you visit the bathroom in the early days at least.

Can I fill it and take it out with me?

No, the bottle is not watertight and would leak.

How do I use it?

Fill with water, replace lid and extend wand. Place finger on the silver valve (at bottom of bottle) and turn upside down. Position the head of the wand near the perineal area and remove your finger from the valve. Replace finger on valve if you wish to stop the flow of water.

Can I return it if I have a c-section?

Yes, provided the item has not been opened and is in its original packaging. Due to hygiene, we can not accept returns if the packaging has been opened.

What colors does it come in?

Blue or pink.

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