First Days Maternity Supplies Ltd

Why we now charge for postage, and how it can save you money.


First Days Maternity started with just one product, the Instant Perineal Cold Pack, which had the cost of shipping included (hidden?) in the item price. Fast forward five years and the product range has grown considerably and the current postage model of ‘free shipping’ no longer works.

If we include shipping for all items, and someone buys two or more items, they are effectively paying for postage twice, as most of the time, we can combine the goods into one package. This is annoying as no one wants to pay more than they should for anything, especially postage.

Charging a small amount for postage, means we can reduce the cost of ALL items on our website, creating a fairer way to shop where you only pay for the postage you actually use. 

Remember, there are very few things in life which are truly free… and postage isn’t one of them! 

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