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Maxi Peri Bottle

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Maxi Peri Bottle 650ml

Maximum Size for Maximum Soothing.

Designed for washing the perineal area following childbirth.

We recommend using the Maxi Peri Bottle to gently pour warm water over your perineal area for the first few days when you use the toilet. This will help to dilute the urine and prevent the associated stinging.

Regularly washing the perineal area with warm water is very soothing, particularly if you’ve had an episiotomy or stitches. You will also help keep the area clean and reduce the risk of infection.

The Maxi Peri Bottle is a great baby shower or mum-to-be gift.

Large 650ml Capacity

The large capacity means you can fill with enough water or solution to give you a long, soothing cleanse, without the need to re-fill during use.

The gentle flow will last at least 90 seconds. More than enough time for you to feel the benefits of perineal irrigation.

Perfectly Angled Head

Jugs and bottles of water just won’t get to the areas you need them to, nor do the short ‘stubby’ peri bottles. We have tried!

The head of this long wand is perfectly angled to make reaching sensitive areas quick and easy, allowing the water or solution to get to exactly the right places.

High Quality Materials

Made from high quality materials (BPA free), this Maxi Peri Bottle is made to last and will certainly last longer than your postpartum recovery period.

There is no reason to dispose of the bottle when your postpartum period is over. You can continue to use your Maxi Peri Bottle for every day bathroom hygiene for years to come. Perfect for cleansing during menstruation, pre and post intimacy or any other reason you might need an angled squirt bottle.

There is plenty of usage information printed on the box should you need it.

It’s one of those items that you really don’t want to buy, but will be SO glad that you did!

Wash the bottle and nozzle regularly in soapy water no hotter than 70 degrees centigrade. Store dry or leave the lid off to allow ventilation when not in use.

Customers’ tips to get the most from your Maxi Peri Bottle:

  • “Do NOT use cold water! It will seem much cooler on your sore parts than it will on your hands!”
  • “Add witch hazel or Epsom Salts (or any other magic solution you choose) to the water to speed up soothing and healing”
  • “Start to pour before you start to wee”
  • “Get your bottle filled before you need to go to the loo, save yourself time in those desperate moments”
  • “Try it out during pregnancy so you know what you’re doing when you are post-birth!”


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Weight 150 kg

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