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Made for Mums Awards 2021 Success

Gold mums awards 2021

We entered four of our bestsellers and won FOUR awards! 

We’re really pleased to announce our recent haul of Made for Mums Awards! We have two GOLD winners, the Instant Perineal Cold Packs and the Reusable Hot & Cold Gel Packs, A Silver for the Sitz Bath and a Bronze for the Peri Bottle. The categories included: Best Health Product for Parents, Best Baby Shower Gift and Best Pregnancy Item.

The Made for Mums Awards are known for being very thorough in their product testing, not only do the high profile judges scrutinise a sample themselves, they also select real life testers who aren’t afraid to give an honest opinion. In our case, the testers had to be immediately postpartum in order to use the products to their full potential. I am glad I did not personally have to ask a brand new mummy for a review about how a product made her downstairs feel! However, somebody did and they collated the results for all to see. See what was said about some of the products below:

Instant Perineal Cold Packs

A life-saving product for new mums in the days after childbirth

– tester Wing, mum of a newborn

Why it’s a winner: Research shows that cooling therapy can help ease perineal pain and discomfort after labour. These clever packs, which double up as maternity pads, are designed to aid healing and generally make things more comfortable and bearable post-birth, so you can concentrate on getting to know your new baby. There’s no need to access a freezer either – the self-cooling action means they can be used anywhere, including at hospital. Both our new mum testers found they really helped and praised the absorbent “cotton-soft” comfort, too. 

In the words of tester, Vicky, mum of a newborn: “They really helped me get back to day-to-day activities quicker. They helped reduce swelling and pain while doubling up as a sanitary towel for postpartum bleeding protection. Worth the money – I would highly recommend to anyone.” 

Collapsible Sitz Bath

Why it’s a winner: Designed to help mums soothe their sore parts in those difficult days straight after birth, this collapsible bath fits over your normal toilet. Basically, think portable bidet – plus it folds away for easy storage. A great solution if you’re (most likely) feeling sensitive or tender down there, and worried about infections. Our new mum testers found that it was both simple to use and store and it can be held onto for toddler accidents down the line. 

In the words of tester Jasmine, mum of a newborn: “It definitely made life much easier after having a baby. Easy to set up and clean, and great value. Highly recommended for anyone who’s expecting as this will definitely come in handy after the birth.”

Reusable Hot & Cold Gel Packs

Why it’s a winner: “One of those things you didn’t realise you needed until you have it!” and “brought instant relief” was just some of the praise received for these reusable hot and cold packs. Their multiple uses, including a perineal hot pack for labour, perineal cold pack for post-birth, and soothing relief from pregnancy and postpartum haemorrhoids, made the packs an invaluable addition to labour and those recovery days afterwards. They were also praised for being easy to use, with a handy sleeve that clips them into place on your underwear.

In the words of tester Andrea, new mum of 1: “I like the design of the pads, they’re not too bulky and fit perfectly onto my underwear. I also love how they can be used for numerous things beyond perineal care which makes them so much more useful than other products on the market.:

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